Play Time!

Had some fun over the rainy weekend.  It was fun to play and experiment on a small scale to see results that might later be incorporated into large work.  Check it out!

Started with a piece of cotton
I find that trying to create nice washes is difficult.  I need more practice on this.

Next took some stencils and some shiva paint sticks & laid in some tree shapes.  I LOVE the way this turned out!  I got both 'positive' and 'negative' stencils of the tree branches and really enjoyed playing with those!

Next added some calligraphy.  This particular fabric is very rough and the ink was not as smooth as I'd like but the effect was ok and after all, I was just screwing around.  No, I hadn't picked the theme or passage until after I had put the bird & branches on.  It was then I was reminded of Oscar Wilde's 'The Nighingale & the Rose' story.  (yes, I know I mispelled it on the piece but since it's scrap I'm not worried.)

I had so much fun I continued with another piece of cotton.  I used my FW Acrylics to slash in some color.  Then drew the dancer.  I knew I wanted to make this one into a larger work so it was fun to play on a very small scale.  (16" x 16")
The quote is Martha Graham.  I just LOVE it and how it translates from the dance world to the art world.

I just love the position of the dancer.  I found a photo of a dancer online and simply traced the outline. 
Not crazy about the colors & uneven text size but again, it's a scrap, just to see how a piece might look in the scale of 30" x 40" or so. 

Let me know what you think! 
If you have any tips on creating a nicer wash I'd be happy to learn them.  It's one thing to simply tea dye fabric and another to get a really nice watercolor wash with splotches and shades to work. 


  1. Wow! I love them both. I really liked seeing the work in progress photos. You are awesome!

  2. Hi Stacy,
    I have not done anything like that for a long time! I used to make floorcloths and got pretty good with "floating" the color onto the canvas when it was saturated and using a water sprayer. I just love them both!
    Nellie's Mom
    (You can get some cool effects with wet fabric and spraying watered paint on too)

  3. cool tip Barb. A spray bottle! That would give me a great effect I think. Thanks!


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