Sea Dragon

I had such a strong interest in my Lionfish piece that was shown at the Orange County Fair last year,  it was wonderful!  The piece was purchased but there were many who were disappointed, so after discussing some possibilities I had been toying with I decided to make a Leafy Sea Dragon.  

I am now prepared to share some prelim shots.  There will be heavy beading as in the prior piece but different motifs will be used.  Also, this is a slightly darker piece in terms of the water variant.  I love how the background has light bars running down into the depths. 
Size is 20"W x 30"H (so far) 

I will be machine quilting today laying in some foundation, then... Onto the beading!!! 

The sea dragon was first water colored on Organza then overlaid onto some chartreuse silk.
 He will be heavily beaded to accentuate the orange & white patches on him.
 Specialty yarns & beading materials.  I can't wait to get these final embellishments on.
 My assistants


  1. What a great piece! I can;t wait to see it I love beading and bead embroidery!
    Nellie's Mom


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