Still playing with paints (and calligraphy inks)

Long ago the Easter Bunny stopped coming to our house, it had something do to with my child becoming a young woman and the Spring Celebration gifts went from plastic eggs with candy and chocolate bunnies to more grown up things like;  "I will make you breakfast in bed if you get up before noon" , or  "I' will toss your laundry in with mine if you get it out to the garage before I start mine" or simply, "You can sleep in as long as  you like." Which truth be told is a self serving gift... I am then able to secret myself away in my studio to play with paints & stuff~ Happy Easter to me! 

I started with some pieces that I had actually put washes on last week.  They still lacked some depth and drama so I got out my stencils and dry brushes.  

Here they are after I stenciled some inks and paint.  They needed to dry and this is the only thing in my backyard I can put them on.  

 Here are some close ups of them
The one on the right has some clock stencils in rich bronze.  The mustard yellow was the wash from last week.  Today I got bold and just grabbed my dry brush and globbed a bunch of the bronze acrylic paint and made some swipes.  In my mind and I am trying to 'see' some calligraphy but I try not too really.  I prefer to let the paint and ink go where ever and let the rest happen by chance.  
(the reason for this is that if I try to 'plan' it all out first, if it doesn't look exactly right I will scrap the whole thing in frustration- that is the wrong attitude to have, so for me this way works best)
 I simply adore anything with that Harlequin pattern. 

I simply laid it down, painted some areas, switched colors, laid it down again added more
color.  At the end I added some bright gold metallic very sparsely for some added umpf. 

 On this one the black & pink watercolor wash was last week.  Today I put the stenciled branches & circles on.  The circles (or bubbles) quickly caught my imagination on fire and I had to force myself to stop before I over did them!

Here again the mustard and brown wash was done last week.  You can tell it's the wash  by the way the ink is running off edges (I love that).  So today I added some circles.  What I tell myself to remember is that I most likely won't use the piece as a whole so "stop trying to plan the scale". 
 i.e. just this section looks promising to me.  

 I dyed this blue & green piece a waaaaay long time ago.  

Friday I decided to throw caution to the wind and use it!   A song I love from a group called '30 seconds to Mars' wrote a song that was very popular a while back with the opening of a wonderful film called 'The Guardinans of Gahoule'.  This particular verse holds meaning to me 
 the 'darker' part of verse is written vertically. 

*updated 5pm sunday- couldn't leave well enough alone*

I've laid out some stuff I plan on sewing onto it.  I will be doing hand embroidery with some wonderful hand dyed floss from

ok, time for me to get back to it. 
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You've been so busy! It's all so beautiful - complex cloth for sure.

    Nellie's Mommy


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