A Quickie!

I have been wanting to make a cover for my Kindle Touch 
I grabbed a piece of fabric my friend Lynn Douglass sent me last year that I have been coveting and saving for something special! 

I cut the size slightly larger than the Kindle

put some timtex on either side, added two pieces of batting over those then put a piece of fabric over that to

make the inside pretty

to give it some umpf.

I didn't do a separate binding, I just did an old fashioned 'rolled hem'. 

next I stiched down the elastic straps. 
  I only had white elastic so I used my black acrylic ink & dyed them , it worked a treat!

quilted in the ginko leaves 
and sewed on the original Kimona button my friend
gave me for Christmas a long time ago. 

 I did give it a few dabs of ink to darken the red to match the red in the fabric better

I thought the script on the fabric was way too perfect!  The alphabet!
When I make another one I will add more batting on both sides to make it easier to quilt. 

I stopped the top stitching and carried the thread to the other side of the word block.  Once done I liked how it looked so much I left the threads connected. 


  1. Oh! Wow! I am in love!
    This is fabulicious!
    Nellie's Mom

  2. So beautiful! I'm getting an inspiration from you, ma'am.


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