Frixion Pen revisited

Ok, so you know how I said I didn't like the line you get after you iron your frixion pen marks?  
Well, I must say that when I needed to line in the quilting lines around the seeds & mark the straight lines on this table topper, using the frixion pen was fast!  
Much faster than the blue pen I normally use.  I know I will have to gently wash the table toppers after they are all finished anyhow.   

you can see how quickly the bright yellow marks disappear under the heat of the iron

however once cool you see the ghost images of the lines I used.
 (please ignore the uneven satin applique my machine has issues with)
Interestingly you can only see them from an angle and when I first looked at the piece I thought they had truly disappeared! 

see how the lines are really not visible? 

And the back: 

Now onto the next one.  (There are three I'm making for gifts) 
The binding will be red. 


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