New project -solids!

Here's the project.
From the Modern quilt zine

I've been looking for smaller, quick(is) projects to create some inventory for my Etsy page. 
(gotta rather large car expense coming up...urk) 

I found all these fabrics in my stash.  I thought they would be great and I couldn't wait to get started!

Got them all laid out and ready to begin... then read the directions.  

3 1/2 strips.  *sigh*  all the strips above were from a moda jelly roll that was gifted me by Jamie Fingal.  Sadly I don't have solids in my stash but I was thrilled at my brilliance for remembering there might be some in the jelly roll.  Damn!

That was disappointing but I've put that selection aside for now because I will think of another project it will be good for. 

Onto the next selection of moda that were little squares.  I don't know what these are referred to in the vernacular but these were 12" squares I think.  I was able to cut the strips I needed and believe it or not had exactly the number I needed to make 32 little squares.  Serendipitous!

It was pretty late (11:00pm) by the time I managed to start actually sewing.  
Here is my first little wonky circle block.   I've put it against the two fabrics I'm auditioning for the background.  I may take Jamie's advice & try it against the deep blue (which I have to go buy since that little 3 1/2 square was my entire supply of that blue. naturally.

meantime my neighbor's sister has me creating a t-shirt quilt for her son (who is now 30) out of his baseball jersey's so I'm excited to get that started.  I laughed a bit today when reading the latest issue of Machine Quilting magazine.  There was an article on T-shirt quilts that I eagerly read looking for new short cuts or handy tips... Nope.   I actually have a couple tips I could share so  I'll blog about it when I start construction. 

Till then,
Happy sewing!

 I'd love to start a Modern Quilt group and call it The Mod Squad.
 (yes I'm totally thinking of that 70's show)

Anyone interested?  
email me!  We could start it online.  We could do blog hops.  It's easy! 


  1. Lovin' the small projects! Took my lovely gift into Quiltique today and SOLD your ass off!!!

    (do you feel lighter? that was me!)

  2. I am game. Coincidentally, I was in a small group called the Mod Squad at my guild, but we couldn't find enough interested people.


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