Long Beach Quilt Festival Part 2

In this installment I'm posting some of my favorites.  
The quilt on the far right was so interesting to me.  The broken crosses mixed with white and greys, orange and black in the midst of all that red was really wonderful.  The difference in scale I found intriguing. 

this is a detail shot of Terry Waldron's piece 'Koi'.  I could just drink in that yummy burned out blue silk!  And the material she used for the fish ain't bad neither!

This was one of my favorite pieces.  When we were there hanging the show, I was wandering back and forth from the 'bone yard' getting stuff & being sweaty and hot and this work stopped me in my tracks.  It's called 'Windswept' by Betty Busby.  I'm sorry I didn't keep the shot I took from further away of it as it really was like looking thru a window. 

My friend and fellow artist Cindy Cooksey (pictured below) is the pattern designer of this work. 
It's called 'Heartstrings' and can be purchased online via Jukebox Quilts. 
This is a wonderful rendition of it.  

Here's my friend and hotel roomie Cindy with her quilt 'Grocery shopping with Sammy' 

My other fellow artist & friend had a piece in the Quilts on The Wall exhibit 'Maps'
Joanell Connolly
We missed seeing her at Festival as she is travelling with her husband. 

I really loved this work, I love the wavy layers of color and the house theme.  This quilt is called 'Around the Block' I believe it was a group quilt. 

I adore this and seem to be attracted to this type of design.  The shattered vortex.  This is a wonderful example of Seminole piecing with a modern twist. 

Here's me; outside the hotel waiting to go in for dinner.  Poolside there was a Hawaiian Ukulele Player and we were a bit sad he had just gone on his break.


  1. Hi Stacy-thank you for posting photos and commentary about IQF. It was nice to see a preview of the quilts before I head down today.


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