Stress Relief

I have had this fabric roll (actually I have two of this one) for ages.  

Only reason I bought these was that polka dot fabric 

I added some white strips and away I went! 

Time to be brave and try to come up with a modern design all on my own.  I'm so excited.

I may end up making this one whole section larger.  I think it would look good oriented on the 'bottom' part.  The floating tiny blocks may end up below.  

This orange section will feature as maybe a small portion of the larger strippy section.  

All suggestions welcome!


Update Saturday
it's 60inches long.  I'll be constructing the rest of it this evening.  The rest will be all white. (except the binding which will be all the colors you see here.  Those 2 1/2 strips come in handy!


  1. Nice colors...I have no clue what to suggest other than keep going it is looking good!

  2. Looking good. I like the format you have going.


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