Same fabric, different design

First I did this.  Each side is a 10" strip.  After putting it up on the wall I didn't like it.
I wanted something more interesting, smaller somehow.  So I simply cut them to 3.5" each and
voila!  4 columns.  Better.  but still...
I worked in some of that green & pink (this was intentional) but when I laid it out I didn't like the choppiness of it.  So I just started to move them all around to see different variations 

NOW we're cookin!  
I love working on the white design wall, let's me see exactly what I'm doing.
not the best lighting.  Length is 4 feet at this juncture.  Not sure but I'm leaning on making one whole side in the tourquoise solid & the other whole side will be the orangy pink solid.   
I'm have waaay too much fun with this color combo.   Will  be finishing these and getting them up on my Etsy page soon. 


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