New Project Floating in the Wind

I'm so excited!
While searching for something else I found this hidden in the back of my  
 of my stash armoire.
Robert Kaufman's Effervescence
Works great with the new blue & orange I picked up.
So I had this idea of flying pinwheels and summer bubbles.
I had watched this wonderful You Tube vid of a super fast way of making the half square triangles.
I will find the link & share it:
Here is the link
I couldn't wait to try it out and low and behold it works a treat!
First I followed the instructions to the l.e.t.t.e.r. and did 5" squares of white & solid color
and then I thought, "Hey, what if I made striped bars and then cut them up. 

trouble is you end up with two that are wonderful striped & two that are the 'left over' stripes but they are ok to.  like.  for the back of the quilt or something. LOL
It still doesn't pop for me so I'm going to make more striped ones in different sizes and also add two more solids.  I want to see yellow and a dark navy or dark green.  And definately more solid purple. But this is fun and super quick so I'm on my way.  The final placement should be the big striped one as the inside curl of a spiral with the smaller ones arching outward over a solid  background.  I will then machine quilt over the pinwheels the pebble pattern of circles that will arch outwards and off the quilt.    
What I especially love on the big striped one is how it looks broken.  I must play with that some more.  I love when illusions like this occur. 
So stay tuned and by all means, ALL color and placement advice is welcome!
Happy Sewing!


  1. oooooo! What fun! I'd like to see some all-colored pinwheels for contrast; like the bubbles + purple together!


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