SEW Much Fun Disappearing 9 Patch!

Ok, so I've been all about getting these impulse buys  charm packs/jelly rolls out of my stash. I've been looking for quick easy ways to create one of a kind items to get on my Etsy page as inventory.  

(y'all remember I've got a car with a dodgy transmission & soon will need to get it fixed; meantime I can only drive my car to and from the mile to my office and back-any extra trips must be done as one short run on the weekends or not at all-not much fun) 

So with the focus being on quick!  Here is a wonderful block pattern I found on Missouri Star Quilts You Tube.  

Here's the process in 3 steps!
I'm gonna use 'pretend' here; so bear with me

First, these are 5" square 'charms'
I don't buy charm packs, I only buy fats so I cut them myself. 

Step One: 
First, lay out your charms and then stitch them all together so they form one giant 9 patch. 

Step One

Step Two: 
Take your ruler and rotary cut right down the vertical line!
And leave in place.
Step Two  

Step Three: 
Take your ruler and rotary cut right thru the horizontal line.
Step Three
Then you wind up with 4 pieced blocks!

A couple things to keep in mind,
 The center square will be quartered and so give you tiny floating squares, I started with the blue in the center square but quickly saw that dark pink sorta take over so I then made more using the dark pink in the center square to provide some balance. 

This was my first try at this with the materials I had on hand.   I think it would work better with a true charm pack which already includes typically the entire co-ordinating fabric line giving you more variants in pattern. I only had 6 patterns & then added 4 more from a different line that was more muted but it still worked.  

But the very best part was....

This only took an hour to put together! 
That's right!  An hour!! 
It totally looks like there's way more work in there doesn't it?  

The reason a shorter time is good is that it will bring the cost of the quilt down which will be good for my customers!
This is a baby blanket size. All I need to do now is border it, batt & back it and bind it!  I will do an overall stipple in variegated Aurifil pink thread. 

Happy Sewing! 


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