An Illuminating Subject

While I'm sitting here procrastinating cutting out 3 1/2 strips I thought I would share something I learned today. 

I went to Home Depot to get table risers for my portable table.  BTW: They told me they don't carry them in the store so I have to get them online.  No big.  Meantime,  I was left to wander around at 8:30am while I tried to remember what else I might need from there, not wanting to waste the trip. 

First I found these, 5 bucks!  Aren't they gorgeous?  I decided to forgo a fast food lunch & get them.  I totally got the better deal, way less calories & I get to look at them all week! 

But the main thing I learned was they now carry everyday use LED lights.  
These are incredibly eco friendly bulbs that use a significantly less amount of electricity.  
In my home studio, when I get all the lights on, I end up having to run the window a/c also it gets so hot in there.  I decided to bite the bullet (these babies are $12.00 each) and invest in them.  
I kept my receipt incase they didn't give me enough light.

WELL! I am super impressed.  I did note that there are different colors you can get.  I got a 40W for my living room and noticed it said 'warm white'.   But the 60W bulbs I got were 'daylight' and yes they are!  They are extraordinary light bulbs!  They have like a rubber coating around the bulb.  They fit in the standard fixture (whatever you call that part you screw the regular light bulbs in) 

After being on an hour in my room I could hold the thing and it wasn't hot at all! That means I'm not heating up my workspace unnecessarily which saves sweat and money!
I'm totally thrilled with them and look forward to gradually replacing all the bulbs in my house with these.  

What's on the design wall today? 
A baseball memory quilt for a customer. 

Here are the 12  1/2 squares cut out and stabilized with fusible interfacing

I had purchased some baseball themed fabric for the sashing but it's too busy so I'm going to use solid dark blue.  I will use the themed fabric on the back but just a 1 foot strip because it's cool.  

I will be making more wonky circles later on if I don't get distracted watching QI with Stephen Fry. 

Happy Sewing!


  1. Those lights are FAB!!! We put 'em in too--even in the grow tent, LOL. The best bit? They last FOREVER!

  2. Your tropical bouquet is gorgeous. Maybe it will inspire a quilt?

  3. I LOVE LED lighting, I'm still having a hard time finding them around here which bums me right out. The first time I found them they were $30 a bulb, then $25 and the last time they were $10 a piece.. Hopefully by the time I run out of old traditional light bulbs they'll be even cheaper.


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