Wonky Circle Table Runner Done!

I had so much fun stitching this! Who knew straight line quilting could be so much fun?
My new best friend is this fabulous fine point chalk marker.  

It wasn't really necessary for all those lines but you need at least one or two and this pencil worked a treat! I tend to use the walking foot a lot and I simply choose an existing line, place it under a part of the foot adjacent to where the new line is and where it is easily visible while stitching. I then begin to stitch my new line making sure the "ruler line" is staying in  same spot on the foot. 
I'd like to thank Tricia Cerecke for gifting it to me off my amazon wish list! 

Now to finish my customer T-shirt quilt & a CatNip Quilt!  What else are weekends for? 


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