Odds and Ends

Put together this table runner last night.  Not my personal color scheme but these lovelies are Moda's
Harvest Home line.  The pattern I wanted to try was the 'magic block' but I ended up with an extra 12" square so I simply cut it on the diagonal  and applied each 'half' to the ends, worked out nicely.  I will back & batt & quilt it tonight.  I even have a couple little tassels that might work for the ends.  It's 48" long and 12" wide.
I did get the binding on my Koi Bento Box quilt when I thought I was finished with it but then...
I found this lovely drawing of a lotus flower and lily pad online & immediately ripped out the one I had sort of done on the fly (that I wasn't really happy with) and replaced it with this one.  I will put two more in different sizes tonight and then it should be done!  
Here's a shot of the one I ripped out...
It was simply much to 'heavy' for what I wanted.
The eye was drawn right to that white blob at the top. ick.  

On a side note; after it had been bound I just couldn't wait to wrap myself up in it.  I don't know what it is about this quilt but I just want to live in it!  I realized while it was wrapped around me that it would make a really cool jacket.  Since I have many of the scrap fabrics left over I plan on digging out a pattern I'm SURE I have for a short kimono type jacket.  I just can't wait!  How much fun to have giant Sashiko koi swimming all over you!
Finally, got some red material to bind these (there are three of them).
Had to pre-wash it just to be safe.
I should have the other two finished shortly. 

*I watched a tutorial on another darling strip pieced block from jelly-rolls last night & it was all I could do to make myself go to bed and not stay up and create it!  Darn that day job!   I plan on starting it tonght, can't wait to share!

Happy Sewing!




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