Working thru Labor Day

So this weekend! 
Saturday morning I got my living room carpet cleaned! 
That may not sound like a big deal but trust me; after 9 years it was a huge deal for me!  

Most of Saturday and Sunday was spent by me moving all the furniture back in and re-setting up the living room.

Here it is all done.  

I'm very happy with the way the carpet turned out.   

So Sunday evening and Monday I got the chance to work on stuff.  

Here is the Koi I'm hand stitching on the indigo quilt. 

I admit it's going a lot faster than I thought it would.  I just started this evening and have gotten most of the fish done.  It's really satisfying to do this type of work.

Earlier in the day I was finishing the Wonky Circle Table topper

Here are the pieces cut out & two completed blocks. 

Here are the blocks together
 And here with the border fabric.  (Of which I didn't have enough so that bottom corner is ad libbed)
I got it batted & backed and will bind it in the rust fabric. 

Sunday evening and most of this morning I was working on this customer quilt.
Getting the blocks of shirts all the same size is so daunting.  It never fails that there are one or two that just don't quite fit that 12.5 square.  But I've got it figured out and tonight the sashing and cornerstones have all be set. 
(this photo was a bit earlier before the bottom row was completed. 

Well, back to work tomorrow *sigh* 
Looking forward to tomorrow evening when I will quilt the table topper and complete the koi.  

Once the customer quilt above is finished this week I also have those two modern quilt tops to finish and and an auction item (CatNip quilt) to get done.

busy busy...


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