A Walk on the Sunnyside

I decided to revisit my unopened charm packs last night.
I chose the Moda 'Sunnyside' (2 packs) and to keep continuity I chose to make the center square of the dissappearing 9 patch the same color throughout.  I chose the charm pack of Bella solids and used the grey.
Initially I bought the Sunnyside as the first block in the photo was a soft dove grey and pale yellow.  Well, I was surprised to open the pack and find all this blue & orange!  There really was only a few squares of the yellow at all. 
WHAT I LOVED was that (while listening to Jim Henson's bio on audible- it's wonderful btw) I put together the 9 patches and then simply stacked them all up in their groups of 4. 
(Instead of trying to place them as I go) 
At then end of 4 hours of sewing I was able to place them all on the design wall in a staggered order, then reshift only a few as needed.  I wanted all the rain drops to be going in the proper direction so there was some finagling there.  The only one I see now that I may move is where the two orange long  rectangles touch
(3rd & 4th rows on the left)

What's really interesting is how when I squint it looks like a photo that is all pixelated.
My idea is making one starting with one dominant color say in the upper left side a solid red or something,
then slowly move diagonally down into all white at bottom right.
I've seen quilts where they do that all with 2" x 2" squares but I like this better.  I'll let you know if I actually try it out.  I have to think on it some more.
And yet again, another quilt top that to me has a decidedly Asian feel.  I want to border this in the lovely orange hues.  We'll see.
What I didn't love was that by the time it was all put up I wanted to border it, batt & back it right then but it was already past time for bed.
I will be having more fun tonight!
Happy Sewing!


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