One step up, two steps back...

 This weekend my gurl came over and we cleaned out the sewing room closet.  
It was fun looking at all the memorabilia of hers from birth thru grade school.  

I changed out the two red squares and with two that work better.  Since I needed to use the other charm pack I went ahead had some fun with prairie points.

I made another Asian purse from some fabrics I had thrown together a couple weeks ago. 

Last Friday night my art group met and we created some bottle art.

That's my bitty bottle there, the Christian Dior perfume bottle, it's only 2" high

I put together ten elements to create this sculpture. 

this was an extra bottle that I'm going to add some wire work to and make it a hanging vase. I glued the 'Evil Eye' embellishments on and they look pretty when the light shines through them. 

It's not very big but I think it would be neat hanging in a kitchen window with a single flower in it. 

Anyhow, Monday came and kicked my butt.  I'm off to bed.

Happy Sewing! 


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