Tears on my Pillow

So here's what happens when you have too many projects on the cutting table.
I feel just sick about this but I have learned my lesson about being in a hurry and not double checking when I just slice off that 'last little bit' without checking underneath first. 

Found this darling block idea on Missouri Star Quilt tutorials.
It uses a layer cake of the Tim Holtz new fabric line 'Elements'. 
I just love this fabric lines as it's basically all the cool scrap book sheets on fabric! (took 'em long enough!)
I mean just LOOK at that magnificent design! 

So you start by pairing one patterned piece & one solid.  I chose to use plain old versatile muslin.
It saved me from having to find 'just the right shade of off white/cream' for to match the entire pack. 

First you sew right sides together all the way around the outside of the block, then you cut it twice, both times on the diagonal.  

You wind up with 4 half square triangles
Then you simply lay three of the same in this pattern, (with all your darks back in a box shape)
The last one you chose a light one & flip it the opposite direction like so...

Now you have three 'open envelopes'  Isn't it just the cutest block?  And the Holtz materials are perfect for this pattern! 

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the disaster I created at the top as at least three of my half square triangles will need some aid if they are to fit.  And I need them to fit because I need enough finished blocks to make 4 across and 5 or 6 down so every block counts.  I may have to leave one block solid muslin and I will write in calligraphy 'This block represents all the letters I wrote in my head and never sent'.  

I can't wait to finish it as I have some Christmas table runners I gotta get done as well. 
(I know, right?  *whispers* Christmas; ugh!

sneekie peekie

Happy Sewing!


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