Bi-polar much?

I love to do pieced quilts,  I do!
Sometimes though, I feel like all I'm doing is slogging thru endless materials and ideas. The ideas come too fast & materials keep changing.   I don't feel like I'm accomplishing anything except making smaller pieces of material that I will later 'rue the day' I cut up in the first place.  Thus have I rendered entire yards of fabric good for nothing except the trash.   
I don't do well without direction. 
I need a theme, or a pattern, or "I saw that online & wanted to make one" type of thing.  Then I can make it start to finish.  But that's just copying.  I am sad to admit that I don't think I'm a great one for taking traditional techniques and turning out a truly original pattern or idea. 
Case in point:
Last night I spent four precious hours doing this...
these are 2 1/2 strips sewn onto tissue paper using the 'stitch n' flip' technique.
Somehow I don't really think you need the paper, especially since you have to rip it all off when you're done.  
Here I simply did  half square triangles.   
and more 1/2 square triangles
I admit I love the ones just below:  You take the 2 1/2  strips, sew sets of 4 together, place them right sides together (making sure strip direction is opposite), sew the outside edge of the square entirely,  then cut it diagonally once in each direction  to come up with the 1/2 square triangles that are pieced blocks with the the stripes going in opposite directions.   Sound like a lot of work?  It was and then I regretted not adding some white strips in there too.  Damn!  
Below are three 5" blocks
But that's what happens when you don't have a plan!
Darn me!  Why can't I be better at sewing 'intuitvely'
or a person who has vision?
I wanted to put all the different elements together and have them play nicely and look fun. But I either don't have enough of them or I already have too many.   Does that make sense?
A quilter I admire greatly said of the photos I posted on FB last night that I was 'having fun'.
I thought I was having fun being daring and flying by the seat of my yoga pants but NO, I only ended up with a bunch of pieces and not much plan and simply felt like having some whine instead!
Well, that won't happen tonight, after work I plan on walking in this glorious cold weather and then coming home and begin to machine quilt this one. 
Thanks for reading and if you've got any ideas for all that barfy pink & green let me know :)
Happy Sewing!


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